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The BMW Myth… Busted?

It was a long day at work, delivering two flight training sessions. I was in no real hurry, as the weather was a bit miserable, with wet roads, and poor visibility. It was just as well, as the A3 southbound was moving at a sedate 40 mph up the hill through the fifty limit at Guildford.

I spotted the headlights first, weaving crazily in and out of the traffic, and then rapidly accelerating up the nearside lane as I was overtaking a slower van. The white car swerved out in front of me, cutting into my lane with scant inches to spare.

I was ready for this and was already braking, my sixth sense warning me of the potential accident heading my way.

As the car rocketed past me, I sighed as I glimpsed the badge on the boot lid.

Yes, just as I thought, it was another appallingly driven BMW.

I watched the car continue to weave in and out of the traffic, crossing lanes with no apparent understanding of risk. The frequent illumination of brake lights was not accompanied by any appearance of functioning indicators.

Par for the course?

I drove home without further incident, wondering if there was any statistical evidence to support the urban legend that all BMW drivers were aggressive and inconsiderate.

So, I sat down and started researching this to see what I could find.

It didn’t take long to discover that GoCompare, the insurance comparison website had conducted an analysis of their customer database, and had some interesting results.

Un-surprisingly, the urban legend was true!

It appears that more than 17.1% of BMW 4 series drivers have at least one conviction, which is about twice the average rate for all other BMW models!  A staggering 21% of 4 series drivers have also made an at-fault claim on their insurance.


Further checking revealed that Audi A5 drivers are also up there in the top ten for convictions and at-fault claims, along with Mercedes C220 and E220 pilots, closely followed by Jaguar and Landrover owners.


This all seems to tie in with my own un-scientific perceptions, honed as they are with a 450 mile  weekly commute.

Interestingly, Admiral Insurance has also analysed the data returned from their telematics systems – the Little Black Box fitted into the boot that monitors driving behaviour. It seems that drivers of Audis, Mercedes and Landrovers are again flagging up as the worst drivers in the UK.

But there is good news. Drivers of smaller, lower-powered cars such as Vauxhall Agilas, Hyundai i10s, and Nissan Micras are least likely to have been convicted of an offence, but they are also less likely to have made at-fault claims.

Maybe the lack of a big, tough metal box to sit in, a less commanding road position, and dare I say it, a low performance engine makes them less attractive to those with a more competitive and thrusting driving style?

These are facts released by insurance companies, and whilst they do seem to reinforce the image that motorists owning German-built cars are bad drivers, they don’t explain why drivers with poorer driving records seem to be attracted to such vehicles.

I guess I will have to dig for some more facts…

Until then – drive safely!









By The Flying Wordsmith

A highly qualified aviation professional who is able to write cogent and professional articles on a wide variety of subjects. Also interested in general articles covering travel, politics, social commentary and prose. Poetry and Lyrics also an interest.

2 replies on “The BMW Myth… Busted?”

Based on the driving I see, the most dangerous and inconsiderate drivers appear to be, first and foremost, young males driving small tinny French cars with idiotic names like Clitoris, Cadger, and Jamjar.

They modify these little boxes to within in an inch of their lives, adding blacked out windows, sound systems with speakers loud enough to bounce sound off the moon, and exhaust pipes the size of dustbin lids. Not, of course, forgetting the flimsy spoilers, front and rear, which add to the drag and slow them down, but they look good (to the mentally retarded) and make people think it’s a fast and powerful beast on the road.

They then take these deathtraps out on the road, hurtling round blind bends on the wrong side of the road, barrelling down motorways at 90mph with the engines screaming at 8000 rpm, and generally failing to impress anyone except pre-pubescent little girls at the stage between horses and boys.

I have proudly driven German cars for many years, and I object to my character being impugned with aspersions that I am, as such, a bad driver.

Don’t worry though, next time I come to visit you, I’ll park my Audi down the road so as not to sully and darken your driveway. And I will bring my own German beer.

LOL Thanks Mike. Only quoting facts from insurers. I did make that clear, and my previous post on Older drivers makes clear that younger drivers are by far the worst group – especially if they drive souped up Vauxhall Novas and/or Subaru Imprezzas. Like you, I have driven cars of german descent for almost three decades, but have never had the luxury of driving a 4 series BMW or an Audi A5, which are statistically those with the worst driver records. Yes, please park your car in the next village when you next come over…. I will collect you on my tandem. If you wish to bring German Bier that’s fine as long as its not Becks. See you soon chap…. Mark

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